The Mystery of the Heart (Cork)

There exists a knowledge of this world and a knowledge of a higher realm of life. Everything that you could possibly want to know, all truth on yourself: it's there. It just needs to be found.

On the Internet, all knowledge of this world can be found by using a appropriate search engine and by asking the right question. When we ask the right question on the Internet using a search engine, we get huge amounts of answers in fractions of seconds: it is the ‘ever-changing truth of this world’ or the collective consciousness of this lowland. The internet is the intermediary that enables people to connect with it. If you do not ask the right question you get answers you did not ask and not the answers you asked for.

There is also a higher truth. A universal and timeless truth that tells us who we are, where we come from and what the real purpose of our lives is. This higher Truth stems from a higher plane of human life, the highlands of true humanity. It appeals to us in our inner aspect of human dignity, is utterly cognizable and turns into wisdom as we receive and practice it.