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12 Session Introduction to the Golden Rosycross


Who am I? Where do I come from? Where am I going?


Humanity increasingly finds itself living in a time of unparalleled, revolutionary upheaval, unaware of the underlying micro- and macrocosmic, planetary and atmospheric influences propelling and accelerating these cosmic changes. Anyone can determine for themselves the extent of these changes as they become ever more tangible before our senses.


Many wonder what kind of world we live in and why life in this world cannot be, as perceived inwardly, a life of high human dignity?


What is the significance of this time for the individual and for the spiritual development of humanity in general? On the one hand, we see a decline and degeneration of norms, values and behaviour, on the other hand, an ever-increasing urge for unity, freedom and truth confronts us from all sides.  What are the possibilities available and on what should our choices and attitude towards each other and the world be based?




The Lectorium Rosicrucianum heartily invites you to join us for an Introduction program during which we would like to discuss together the above topics in more depth.

The Introduction aims at helping seekers familiarize themselves with the Gnostic Principles of the Universal Teachings brought to mankind throughout the ages with the message:


“The higher form of human life, the life of true human dignity, does exist and can be lived and realized by everyone who so wishes. You know this life; you came away from it... But it is not of this world”.


The 12-session Introduction is available throughout the year. This series will make you familiar with the fundamental gnostic principles of the timeless and age-old Universal Wisdom and provides a deepened and widened perspective on ourselves, on the world and cosmos we live in and on the real task and goal of our life.


Each week you will receive a lesson which will be send to you by email on Monday evening. The Introduction will be finished with the course round-off offering a visual presentation where we will highlight and discuss in more depth and details all the practical and spiritual aspects of the work the Lectorium Rosicrucianum carries out in the world. This presentation will provide a proper perspective of the daily and spiritual practice of a member or pupil of the Lectorium Rosicrucianum.


The titles of each lesson are as follows:

Session 1    -   Unmasking our reality 

Session 2   -   Self-knowledge

Session 3   -   The Two Life Fields (1)

Session 4   -   The Two Life Fields (2) The Human Being as a Microcosm, Reincarnation

Session 5   -   The Microcosm, the Personality and Macrocosm, Fundamental Reversal

Session 6   -   The Task of the Earthly Personality

Session 7   -    Some Practical Guidelines, Freeing the Soul

Session 8   -    Prayer, Transfiguration (1)

Session 9   -   Transfiguration (2), The Alchemical Process

Session 10  -  The Powers of Delusion, the Cosmic Revolution

Session 11   -   The Universal Doctrine, the Bible, the Eternal Path

Session 12  -   The Power Field of the Spiritual School, membership of the Rosycross


Stay in touch and ask your question online

You are invited to email your questions regarding the subject(s) of the Introduction, the School’s Work or any relevant questions you may have at any time you feel the need to do so. Your questions will be answered by pupils of the Lectorium Rosicrucianum and sent to you via email. the same day or ultimately within 24 hours.


Membership of the Golden Rosycross is open to everyone who wants to freely explore its teachings and practice. 

You can sign up for membership here on the international page.


Aim of the introductory course


The Teachings of the School of the Golden Rosycross aim at helping seekers find the answer to their spiritual quest based on their own state of consciousness and insight, in complete freedom and self-authority.

As such, no teacher stands between the seeker and the Gnosis. Neither are exams or tests demanded of them. However, as part of its structure and to better aid seekers, a series of face to face meetings will be held in Dublin, Galway and Cork where seekers will have the opportunity to meet with fellow course followers and pupils of the Lectorium Rosicrucianum. At these meetings we can explore together the subjects of the course or answer any questions about the Work of the Lectorium Rosicrucianum in general. 

For a more detailed look at each lesson in the course, you can download the course information booklet here.

If you are interested, you can sign up now by sending an email to:

We hope it will be possible for you to join us and look forward to receiving your registration.

With best wishes,

Lectorium Rosicrucianum

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