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Spiritual Christmas

Experience the spiritual meaning of Christmas and the special symbolism of the turn of the year through daily inspirations based on ‘The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ’ by Levi Dowling.
These inspirations will be send by email over the Christmas period, beginning on December 22nd and ending on January 6th.
The titles of the 16 daily emails will be:


22-12 Preparing yourself

23-12 Recognizing the inner man in yourself

24-12 Making your paths straight

25-12 Giving birth to the divine being in yourself

26-12 In this sign you will conquer

27-12 Your magic gifts

28-12 Overcoming resistances

29-12 Your assignment in life

30-12 Looking back at the past

31-12 Taking leave of your teachers

01-01 Unfolding your talents

02-01 The hidden treasures in your heart

03-01 Attention for your inner development

04-01 Awakening of the spirit-consciousness within you

05-01 Seven fundamental principles for your life

06-01 The descent of the Holy Breath

To receive this free online program by Spiritual Texts Academy, then please register here.
Spiritual Texts Academy is an online resource to enable the devel-opment of your inner self by contemplating sacred scriptures during online programs.

The book "Spiritual Christmas" with all texts is available now for €14.50 (excl postage) and can be ordered sending an email to


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