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What are the Rays of Light

Rays of Light of the Universal Gnosis The Gnosis emanates from the Original Field of Life as Light, as Knowledge, as Sound and as a Life Force into our material realm of existence. It is the highest vibration in our universe, and it wants to communicate itself to us. To do so, it can take on a form or a shape. Such a shape in which the Gnosis can present itself to us can be a myth, a legend, a spoken word, a written word, a thought, a feeling, an initiate, a mystery School. All these forms are ‘Rays of the One Light of the Universal Gnosis’ and they have never served any other purpose than to speak to the Light Seed that resides in the heart of every human being. The touch of this Light will open the Light Seed and the human being can learn to understand the call of the Light: return home, o wandering rays of Light! The Rays of Light presented to you by Golden Rosycross Ireland always revolve around one topic taken from the Irish legends and mythology. You can listen to spoken fragments taken from various sources of manifested Light such as Irish legends, wisdom teachings from the East, modern mythology and literature from the Golden Rosycross. These Rays will be alternated with silence for inner meditation and musical interludes.

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