True Christmas: The Inner Light-Birth (Cork, Galway & Dublin)

Elihu's lessons. The unity of life. The two selfs. Love - the savior of men. Again Elihu met his pupils in the sacred grove and said: ‘No man lives unto himself; for every living thing is bound by cords to every other living thing. Blest are the pure in heart; for they will love and not demand love in return. They will not do to other men what they would not have other men do unto them. There are two selfs; the higher and the lower self. The higher self is human spirit clothed with soul, made in the form of God. The lower self, the carnal self, the body of desires, is a reflection of the higher self, distorted by the murky ethers of the flesh. The lower self is an illusion, and will pass awa

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Golden Rosycross Ireland, is a modern gnostic spiritual school.  It offers a method to gain inner knowledge and insight into the essential matters of life, thus uncovering the answers to many fundamental questions.

Founders Jan van Rijckenborgh and Catharose de Petri transmitted a message that is consistent with the universal wisdom of all times.



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