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The Twelvefold Path of Initiation     -

The Nuctemeron of Apollonius of Tyana


In this series of six texts, we will focus on the path of initiation for the modern human being.


On this genuine spiritual path, latent divine powers that reside within us are awakened and brought to development.


In the series, we will look at important aspects of this path, using a text from Greek culture which appeared in the first century AD: The Nuctemeron. In this short text, the author, Apollonius of Tyana, puts into words the path of initiation in the form of a day with twelve hours.


Every human being’s calling is to make contact with his or her inner source, the immortal divine principle in the heart.


The International School of the Golden Rosycross has developed a series of courses entitled ‘The Inner Source’ to bring seekers closer to their inmost being. This is done using authentic external sources: gnostic writings about the path of becoming truly human. Ageless teachings are being placed in the living now.


“His innermost being’s calling is to return to this divine world, enriched by the many experiences from earthly lives. Is the divine world far away? No, it is very near! That world namely irradiates our world. But we do not really notice that, because the vibrations of the divine life field have a much higher frequency than we can discern. There yawns a seemingly unbridgeable chasm between the vibrations of this world and those of the divine world”.


There the inner journey, the path of initiation, begins:

- The twelvefold Path of Initiation - 1    Download PDF

- The twelvefold Path of Initiation - 2   Download PDF

- The twelvefold Path of Initiation - 3   Download PDF

- The twelvefold Path of Initiation - 4   Download PDF

- The twelvefold Path of Initiation - 5   Download PDF

- The twelvefold Path of Initiation - 6   Download PDF


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