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Goal of the Lectorium Rosicrucianum


The Lectorium Rosicrucianum (LRC) is a gnostic spiritual school. The aim of this school is to achieve the original Christian initiation path of transfiguration. The pupils of the LRC are those who have a yearning for a spiritual renewal of life.


Pupils in the Lectorium Rosicrucianum go a practical spiritual path that gives their lives a long-sought meaning. The starting point for this path is the divine spark within man, the divine nucleus that the Rosicrucians refer to as the “Rose of the heart”.


The Christian Path of Initiation


Whoever has once experienced this inner centre of power in himself, and makes this the guiding principle in his life, stands at the beginning of the process of “transfiguration”. This is the great metamorphosis of spirit, soul and body. The old, mortal personality makes room for a new soul development, step-by-step, that is nourished by entirely different powers. They are no longer powers of the old ego, but forces originating from the field of immortal life. Man’s purpose is to return to this field, the divine kingdom, his home of long ago, and thus be freed from the wheel of reincarnation in the material world.


During this process of transfiguration mortal man is taken up and into a new spiritual awareness. This is the original Christian path of initiation that John describes in the New Testament: I must decrease; the other in me must increase. The immortal “Other” is not at home in this world of opposites and antithesis, rather it originates out of a higher nature order. That is the field of true life which exists completely outside the bounds and restraints of the material life we know, and the shadow-like life on the other side, where the dead follow a process of dissolution between incarnations. The higher nature order is beyond this. It is the world of the Spirit-Soul, the original creation. Whoever experiences this experiences a recognition of God, the Gnosis, within himself.


Rosicrucian Pupils on their Way


Rosicrucians are people who have heard this voice of the “Other” within their deepest being. Through inner experience they know the Light of the Gnosis. They put themselves at the service of this “Other” and give the Light more and more room in their lives. Thus, the birth of a new consciousness is possible which is led by the light of soul and spirit. This transforms man completely. In the Bible, this process is called “born again out of water and spirit”.


The goal of the Lectorium Rosicrucianum is exclusively aimed within the spiritual realm and will be realized by the pupils of the International School of the Golden Rosycross step-by-step in their lives. Consequently, the LRC pursues no economic, scientific or political goals.

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