Liberation from the Labyrinth

Who does not know the myth of Daedalus, the legendary builder of the labyrinth on Crete, where countless young people were sacrificed to the Minotaur until Theseus overcame the monster, aided by Ariadne? Present humanity, deprived of traditional certainties and values, rediscovers itself in the chaotic labyrinth of life, in the chaos of heart and head. Because, in our current technology based global society, information and news spread themselves with the speed of light affecting everyone’s attitude and feelings. How do I prevent myself from getting lost and is there a way out? And so the old myth of Daedalus accompanies us even now but misunderstood as to its real message. For this myth ref

The Inner Path to Realisation

Every man 'realises' himself in everyday life in his own unique way. Most realisation is preceded by a plan, but is often triggered by forces that emerge from the subconscious. Our current consciousness, our karma, the blood bond with our ancestors, and our connection with the external world by means of our sensory organs will therefore inevitably ‘speak’ through the plan. We can only realise what we truly are. That is why our projects often have so little cohesion and why we thwart each other's projects, intentionally or not. And therefore conflict exists, in little and in large, visible and invisible, with weapons ranging from criticism or eyewash to the infernal inventions with which the

The Three Stages of Self-Initiation

The major challenge facing humanity as a whole and each human being on the individual scale in our modern times, is the realization of the New Soul. Most people think soul development as an automatic evolutionary development where the ego-personality is the main role assigned. According to the Rosycross, the latter is absolutely false: in the development of the New Soul no spontaneous evolution exists, only self-revolution of the ego-personality. For each man will have to detach himself from all the old before he can bring forth something entirely new. None of the old can be included in the entirely new! Hence self-initiation is only possible on the universal path of a fundamental self-renew

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Golden Rosycross Ireland, is a modern gnostic spiritual school.  It offers a method to gain inner knowledge and insight into the essential matters of life, thus uncovering the answers to many fundamental questions.

Founders Jan van Rijckenborgh and Catharose de Petri transmitted a message that is consistent with the universal wisdom of all times.



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