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Direct your heart upon the Light and know it

Hidden in our heart lies a mystery. We could call it a potential. A principle, a seed, waiting until it is released from this secrecy. This potential needs only one thing to wake up from its long sleep: Light. Light from the region of the original Spirit. Light, totally opposite to all powers of the world well known to us. Light that cannot help but seek what is lost. Light that wants to touch every light principle, to propel it to development and ultimately release it. Our Heart is called the sanctuary of Love. The Heart is prepared for a life force, a life fullness, a life opportunity, that can be named Love. If we raise this Love to a standard in our lives, then the Spirit, can reveal himself and we can keep our heart permanently focused on the Light.

You are very welcome to join us at this special free Christmas lecture. The lecture will take place in Galway, Dublin and Cork.

Galway: Harbour Hotel, Cleggan Room, New Dock Road, Galway

Time: 20:15

Date: Monday 18th December 2017

Dublin: The Maldron Hotel, Smithfield, Dublin 7

Time: 20:15

Date: Tuesday 19th December 2017

Cork: Jury's Inn, Lee Room, Anderson Quay, Cork

Time: 20:30

Date: Wednesday 20th December 2017

Doors open 15 minutes before the start of an activity with coffee/tea. Kind regards, Lectorium Rosicrucianum

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