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How do Rosicrucians practice their Spiritual Path?


On the spiritual path of the Rosycross, the candidate passes through many doors. Above the first one is inscribed: Know thyself! Whoever opens his heart to the light of the spirit, begins a dynamic path that leads from self-knowledge to a complete renewal of life.


In the Lectorium Rosicrucianum (LRC) are those who feel a yearning in themselves for spiritual renewal, for a knowledge and experience of the universal mysteries – and for a practical inner path that gives their lives what it has long-sought. Pupils of the LRC are people from all races, professions and social levels – men an women who seek for the Light of spirit.


The LRC is a gnostic spiritual school. On the path of initiation, Gnosis – understood as the knowledge of God – communicates itself directly as Light and power. The LRC is a spiritual school because its aim is not personality culture, and not only the development of the soul, but the “chymical wedding” of the new-born soul with the divine spirit.


The goal is to connect the renewed human soul with the true spirit of God, which is hidden in man as a seed – as a promise. Pupils of the Lectorium Rosicrucianum focus their lives on this goal of connecting the mind to the germ of the spirit within their own inner being. This is associated with an inner longing for enlightenment and experience of its power. In practice, it is important to learn to hear the voice of the soul and spirit within and to follow it step-by-step, in daily life.


The Beginning is Self-Investigation


This path begins with a profound self-investigation and self-knowledge that leads to a progressive understanding of the necessary lessons in life. This process is experienced individually and at the same time realised in a group of like-minded people.


Spiritual group work is the current method of the Rosicrucian path for the modern, individualised man. The divine soul itself is at one with all other souls. Unity, love and integration is the soul’s basic nature. Therefore Rosicrucians aim to meet each other and work together on the level of the soul. Learning to get in contact with one’s own soul means learning to get in contact and unity with other souls. This can be realised and experienced in the forcefield of a spiritual school.


The “Rose” Can Never be Satisfied by Anything in this World


The seed of the divine spirit is in the heart of man. It is the mysterious “Rose” of the Rosicrucians from which the force is received for walking the path. The power of the rose is experienced at first as an insatiable craving for something that is not of this world and that can never be satisfied by anything in this world. With the progress on the path an inner spiritual space grows from the rose, in which silence, Light and knowledge of God (gnosis) can be experienced. This enlightens the whole being with the power of love and wisdom, and leads to a dynamic development.


The Main Focus of Life Changes


Once the consciousness of the eternal soul is born in a man, he knows himself to be at one with the souls of all human beings, on the basis of his spirit-spark. For the awakened soul consciousness, this is a simple, concrete reality. The more a person is aware of this relationship, the more the needs, problems and obstacles of their personal life can shift to the background. This is the effect of a gradual change in the focus of life: The soul connects with the Light-power and thereby becomes free of problems, fear and selfishness.

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