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The Second Day of the Alchemical Wedding of Christian Rosycross


During the second day of the alchemical wedding, the focus is on the journey to the fortress. This article contains the original text of the second day from the novel of initiation by Johann Valentin Andreae (published 1616). Selected comments from the esoteric analysis of the Chymische Hochzeit Christiani Rosencreutz anno 1459, by Jan van Rijckenborgh are included within the text. Full commentaries are published in the printed edition. 


The English printed edition, translated from Dutch, was published in two volumes by: Rozekruis Pers, Haarlem, The Netherlands.


All rights reserved, especially regarding translation. It is forbidden to reproduce any part of the following texts and images by means of printing, photo copy, electronic media or any other procedure without written permission by the publishing house in advance.


The Second Day


I had hardly left my cell and entered the forest when it seemed to me that the whole heaven and all the elements had adorned themselves for this wedding. I felt that the birds were singing more sweetly than ever before and also the young fawns skipped so merrily that my old heart leaped for joy and moved me to sing at the top of my voice:

Rejoice and sing, sweet little bird,

 give praise to your Creator,

 Lift up your song, so clear and pure,

 for God alone’s your Maker.

 He has prepared your nourishment,

 at the right time to you it’ s sent,

 accept it gracefully as it’s meant.


Why should you be disconsolate,

 about your God complaining,

 that you a birdling He has made?

 What more could you be asking?

 Would you prefer to be a man?

 Oh hold your tongue, be grateful then,

 God’s law is wise, and provident!


How could I hope, poor earthly worm,

 against my God to fight?

 To take by force and gain by storm

 the true and royal art?

 God’s will can never be withstood.

 If nonetheless you’ll not be good,

 fly far from here. Accept your lot!


Do not be aggrieved that He

 wished you no emperor to be.

 Perhaps you did despise His name

 which made Him reconsider fame.

 God sees the secrets of your heart,

 His eye sees through the deepest dark,

 He cannot be misguided!


Thus I sang from the bottom of my heart, so that it resounded throughout the forest, and the mountains re-echoed my last words. At last I came to a beautiful green heath, whereupon I left the forest and went towards it. On this heath stood three beautiful, tall cedars that, because of their breadth, offered an excellent and welcome shade, at which I rejoiced greatly, for although I had not yet gone far, my great longing had tired me quickly. That is why I hastened towards the trees, in order to rest a while beneath them. 


Commentary no.7: The three cedars


The Four Roads


But when I came a little nearer, my eyes were caught by a small notice fastened to one of the trees on which, as I then read, the following words were written in elegant letters:


May God protect you, guest! Should the tidings of the Royal Wedding have reached your ears, then consider the following words:

 Through us, the Bridegroom offers you a choice between four roads. Along all four you can reach the Royal castle, but only if you do not go astray.


The first one is short but dangerous, for it is full of many high rocks which you will barely be able to pass.


The second one is longer, because it takes you on circuitous roads, although it will not lead you astray. It is a smooth and easy road if only, with the help of the compass, you let yourself be lead astray neither to the left nor to the right.


The third is the truly royal road along which your journey will be brightened by various benefactions and pageants. But until this day there has been barely one person in a thousand who has succeeded in following this path.


No mortal is allowed to reach his goal along the fourth road, as its power consumes and only incorruptible bodies can endure it.


So choose which one of the three you will take and do not deviate from it. For know well that the road you will enter was destined for you by immutable fate. Moreover, it is forbidden to go back on it save at great peril to your life.


This is what we wished you to know. If you do not heed this warning you will walk your path in the midst of the greatest dangers. If you know yourself guilty of even the slightest offence against the royal laws, then return while it is still possible and return home swiftly along the same road you have come.

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