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Spiritual Easter

The Easter season is the perfect time to contemplate the resurrection of the Light in the human heart. 

This time of the year is very suitable for reflection, inspiration, and renewal. 

Therefore we warmly invite you to register for our online program ‘Spiritual Easter’ at the website Spiritual Texts Academy, a partnership of the International School of the Golden Rosycross and Pentagram bookshop. 


Experience the spiritual meaning of Easter and the special symbolism of the crucifixion, death and resurrection of Christ through daily inspirations based on ‘The Gospel of the Holy Twelve’ by Jasper Gideon Ouseley.


These inspirations will be send by email over the Easter period, beginning on March 20th and ending on March 27th.


The Spiritual Easter online program consists of 16 daily narratives and reflections sent to you via one email each day, from which you can read or listen to the program:


  • 20-03 Morning: The Passage

  • 20-03 Evening: The Last Entry into Jerusalem (chapter 67)


  • 21-03 Morning: Going Through The Gate

  • 21-03 Evening: The Christ Within The Soul (chapter 69)


  • 22-03 Morning: The Mystery of Birth and Death

  • 22-03 Evening: The Cleansing of The Temple (chapter 71)


  • 23-03 Morning: Purifying the Inner Temple

  • 23-03 Evening: The last Paschal Supper and Washing of The Feet (chapters 75 + 76)


  • 24-03 Morning: Surrender to Your Inner Master

  • 24-03 Evening: The garden of Gesemane and the betrayal of Judas (chapters 77 + 78)


  • 25-03 Morning: Showing new inner strengh

  • 25-03 Evening: The Roman Trial, The Crucifixion and The Burial (chapters 81 + 82 + 83)


  • 26-03 Morning: The Crucial Victory Over Yourself

  • 26-03 Evening: The Resurrection and The Appearance to Emmaus (chapters 84 + 85)


  • 27-03 Morning: Liberation of the Inner Man

  • 27-03 Evening: Jesus appears in the Temple and to the Twelve (chapters 86 + 87)

Register for daily inspiration in the week before Easter by Clicking here.


This free online program is available as both text and audio.

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