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Golden Rosycross Community international

Dear visitor,

Welcome to the website of the Golden Rosycross in Ireland.

We hold public talks regularly and admission is always free. You are very welcome

to meet us at our events.


CORK, Leonardo Hotel (formerly Jury's Inn), Lee Room

                 7.30pm - 9.30pm

                 - Thursday   June 13    The Light of the Grail

SCARRIFF, co. Clare, East Clare Community Coop, Ralahine Room

                 2.30pm - 4.30pm                

                 - Saturday   June 22    The Light of the Grail


DUBLIN, The Fumbally Stables, Fumbally Lane, D08 CP27

                  Due to circumstances, we are unable to hold our Dublin talks in the coming months.

                  We're terribly sorry for any inconvenience.


An extensive collection of books is now available for download under BOOKS





The scope of this website is to disseminate information and literature for those seeking to know more about the Rosicrucians and their spiritual path. 


The International School of the Golden Rosycross is a gnostic spiritual school whose aim is to teach the original Christian initiation path of transfiguration. These teachings are based on a practical spiritual path that is followed in order to awaken the divine spark within man, the divine nucleus that the Rosicrucians refer to as the “Rose of the heart”.


We offer online courses, online meetings and group meetings in Galway, Cork, and Ballycuggaran (Killaloe), co.Clare. From February 2024 you can meet us in Dublin again.


We recommend visiting our international website




"The symbol of the phoenix has always attracted a great deal of attention, from romanticists, too.


That is why so many legends have to do with the one truth. There is an ancient Jewish legend which speaks of an enormous bird which sometimes appears on earth. It walks over the ocean with its head in the heavens.


The meaning of this will now be clear. The phoenix, the great resurrection-power of eternity, is the signature of the age-old Living Body of the Universal Living Chain, constructed since the earliest times, extending from the first Brotherhood that manifested itself in time, right to the young Gnosis: one mighty light, one majestic phoenix, which goes right around the world, standing on the ocean while its head reaches right into the highest heavens.


This body and this power keep on descending to earth, connecting heaven and earth as a mighty stairway which all will be able to ascend until the final victory has come and the last seeker has found the one Light"


From The Alchemical Wedding I by Jan van Rijckenborgh, page 214

Spiritual Christmas book
Orientation Course
Introduction to the Golden Rosycross
in 12 sessions
Who am I? Where do I come from? Where am I going?

Humanity increasingly finds itself living in a time of unparalleled, revolutionary upheaval, unaware of the underlying micro- and macrocosmic, planetary and atmospheric influences propelling and accelerating these cosmic changes. Anyone can determine for themselves the extent of these changes as they become ever more tangible before our senses.


Many wonder what kind of world we live in and why life in this world cannot be, as perceived inwardly, a life of high human dignity?


What is the significance of this time for the individual and for the spiritual development of humanity in general? On the one hand, we see a decline and degeneration of norms, values and behavior, on the other hand, an ever increasing urge for unity, freedom and truth confronts us from all sides.  What are the possibilities available and on what should our choices and attitude towards each other and the world be based?

From 2018 we will provide online meeting support for participants. This should greatly benefit seekers who are unable to travel long distances to our regular meetings.

If you are interested in our free 12 lesson course, please click here for more details.

Out of the labyrinth.png
What is Gnosis?
What is Gnosis?


Religious secret knowledge, search for divine knowledge – these are some of the thoughts that are associated with the word Gnosis. But what does it mean to experience gnosis inside oneself? To find out, you have to turn to the source from which Gnosis rises.

Gnosis and Gnostics in European intellectual history are usually associated with early Christianity. However, there have been Gnostics at all times. For the Gnosis – the divine knowledge – has always been and still is a force that can communicate directly to each person, regardless of religious systems and traditions.




Introductory Booklet
The quest for life’s meaning 

Why do human beings exist? What is the real purpose of human life?


Perhaps you are no longer satisfied by the conventional answers to these questions,and feel driven by a very deep-seated inner urge to find some indefinable, missing 'something.' Perhaps you give it a name -- you say you want to find out who you really are, or you want to experience conscious union with God, or you want to become a more loving human being -- a source of healing in the world -- or you want to find inner peace, and lasting happiness. 



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