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Spiritual Pentecost

Following the ‘Spiritual Christmas’ and ‘Spiritual Easter’ programs, there will be a third program called ‘Spiritual Pentecost'.


This program, which focuses on the esoteric meaning of Pentecost, will start on May 8th. You can join in this program by registering at the website of Spiritual Texts Academy, a partnership of the International School of the Golden Rosycross and Pentagram bookshop.


The Spiritual Pentecost online program consists of 8 daily narratives and reflections sent to you via one email each day, from which you can read or listen to the texts. The narratives are taken from the book ‘The Gospel of the Holy Twelve’ by Jasper Gideon Ouseley.


Based on these narratives the reflections deal with the following subjects:

  • 08-05: Letting Spirit, Soul and Body Become One

  • 09-05: Love for Everything and Everyone

  • 10-05: Partaking of Eternity

  • 11-05: Beholding the Transfiguration

  • 12-05: Following and Becoming the Light of the World

  • 13-05: Self-initiation based on Self-authority

  • 14-05: Being lifted into Another Realm

  • 15-05: Being filled with The Holy Spirit 

Register for daily inspiration in the week before Pentecost by clicking here.


This free online program is available as both text and audio.

Kind regards,


Lectorium Rosicrucianum

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