From the Essenes to the Rosycross

Long before our era, on the Northwestern shores of the Dead Sea - the “sea of solitude” as the Bible calls it - a Brotherhood was formed. Here, in one of the lowest parts of the earth and in the caves surrounding it, called Qumran, lived those of the Essenes who had separated themselves from society.

After admittance into this Brotherhood they renounced all earthly possessions, giving them to their community, and retired from the world. They grew vegetables, fruit and other food, did not eat meat, and were familiar with the methods of herbal healing. Thus they lived a simple, pure life, in self-sacrifice, peace and inner reflection, studying the laws of nature and following the doctrine of Soul-Liberation, taught in the Mystery Schools of all ages.

The great task of the members of the Brotherhood of the Essenes was: to purify their personality and their essential being - their microcosm - in order to free their soul, so that in their midst could take place the birth of an immaculate body. A body that might serve as a vehicle for the Christ-force to reveal itself. And so, after several generations a pure community had developed, into which Jesus then was born. His body was prepared so as to fulfill the mighty mission for which he appeared on earth. Already at an early age he was aware of this mission, as the boy Jesus was an incarnation of an entity belonging to the Universal Brotherhood, who was chosen to fulfill the mission of preparing the path for mankind so it could fulfill its destiny.

Through Him the divine Love-power of the Christ was revealed to humanity, to make possible our return to the Light from the depths of materialism in order to become true human beings again. But, as it has ever been through the ages, the true doctrine was mutilated and turned into a worldly religion.

In the third century, a new Brotherhood was formed, that of the Manicheans. They were followers of the prophet Mani, who called himself “ a disciple of Christ”. They in their turn became followers of the true Teachings of Christ, spreading His Message into Asia, as far as China. The same thing happened during the 12th and 13th centuries to the Cathar Brotherhood in the South of France. The Cathars followed the example of the Essene Brotherhood: they also grew their own vegetables and herbs, and lived a sober and pure life, concentrating on the purification of the heart and the rebirth of the Soul.

Through this total purification, this catharsis (hence the name “Cathars”), their soul could be released from matter. They then re-entered the world as so-called “Perfect ones”, spreading their message with love and wisdom to all those that sought liberation from this world of matter. Their influence spread to much of Western Europe. As the intellectual faculties of the people at that time were not as developed as they are today, the Teachings were spread as a great Love-radiation, touching the heart.

Besides these Brotherhoods, the Brotherhood of the Rosycross had already existed for a long time. The head of the Cathars was always a Grand master who belonged to the Brotherhood of the Rosycross. This Brotherhood appears only when humanity reaches a particular point in its cyclical movement of rising, shining and fading. In the 17th century it was the Brotherhood of the Rosycross that made known the knowledge of the Universal Doctrine. But the doctrine of the Rosycross, which must find its way from the heart to the head sanctuary, was grasped only by a small group of people.

You are very welcome to join us at this special free lecture on essential Gnostic wisdom. The lecture will take place in Galway, Dublin and Cork.

Galway: Harbour Hotel, Cleggan Room, New Dock Road, Galway

Time: 20:15

Date: Monday 15th May 2017

Dublin: The Maldron Hotel, Smithfield, Dublin 7

Time: 20:15

Date: Tuesday 16th May 2017

Cork: Jury's Inn, Lee Room, Anderson Quay, Cork

Time: 20:15

Date: Wednesday 17th May 2017

Doors open 15 minutes before the start of an activity with coffee/tea. Kind regards, Lectorium Rosicrucianum

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