The Grail: Quest for Perfection

The Grail represents the missing link in man’s life. The mortal man who could drink from the Grail, will be immortal and awaits an immense and everlasting happiness. It is said that the Grail spreads an unsurpassed bright light and is made of the purest gold, studded with precious stones.

It is as if the true reality of the Grail has hidden itself somewhere and that it can’t be further away from us in our present day times. But the legends are the ‘seeds of Truth’ that once were purposely sown in mankind and on the earth. They will irresistibly unfold, at the right time and in the right light, the missing link and will manifest a new spiritual life: a life of the ‘true servants of the Grail’.

"It is the students themselves who must make the grail

so that they will be used by the Lord Jesus.”

In this lecture we will try to approach the mystery of the intensely sought after and desired Grail. Not by delving exhaustively into many legends, but by connecting us in the first instance with the primal source of it: