The Inner Path to Realisation

Every man 'realises' himself in everyday life in his own unique way. Most realisation is preceded by a plan, but is often triggered by forces that emerge from the subconscious. Our current consciousness, our karma, the blood bond with our ancestors, and our connection with the external world by means of our sensory organs will therefore inevitably ‘speak’ through the plan. We can only realise what we truly are. That is why our projects often have so little cohesion and why we thwart each other's projects, intentionally or not.

And therefore conflict exists, in little and in large, visible and invisible, with weapons ranging from criticism or eyewash to the infernal inventions with which the great world powers keep a frail balance called peace.

Many people are getting desperate over the infertility of this world: when will the conflicts finally stop? This particular psychological state is symbolically represented by a destitute human being sitting near to a fountain or a well. This man in distress symbolizes the human soul that has discovered out of bitter experience that, despite everything, the thirst for real life, for Truth, Justice, Brotherhood and Harmony cannot be quenched in this world.

The assistance offered is to provide more insight (water) in the identified 'futility' and to give strength (food) to support the man based on his new insight into realisation of a New Soul, as the only possible solution to his state of destitution.