The Inner Search for Meaning

The Tao Te Ching – Chapter 4 – says:

‘Tao is empty, and in its radiations and activities, it is inexhaustible’.

Jan van Rijckenborgh – the founder of ‘The International School of The Golden Rosycross’- says in his commentary of this text in ‘The Chinese Gnosis’:

“To our ordinary understanding, to our ordinary sensory faculties, Tao is empty. It cannot be perceived. Neither can Tao be attracted or controlled with the magnetic faculty of the will. To our human state of being in all aspects, Tao is absolutely empty. That is why the method of ‘Wu Wei’ – ‘Not Doing’ is not merely a recommended course of action, but the essential foundation for all genuinely liberating spiritual work”.

By ‘Wu Wei’, Te is the highest virtue that flows from the Tao in the human heart a