Travelling, Always Seeking


Human beings have a great longing or drive to explore new worlds and what is different. This urge leads us to travel great distances. This innate drive to travel runs deep in our blood. Unrest drives us; we want to set out. We may travel and make trips until we, finally tired, give ourselves a rest to cast a glance into our own being.

Heraclitus said: ‘On your quest, you will not find the limits of the soul,even if you walk all paths; so deep is its coherence.’ We must first discover and experience them, until the eve of our inner journey.

Travelling is not being occupied with the point of departure or with the goal, but it is keeping our eyes open to what happens on the road. Being underway, on the road – he who travels in this way, opens his heart and his head, and something begins to live in him.

We hope you can join us at this gathering, for a short period, where we can reflect together and then continue on our journey!