The Mystery of Our Sleep (Dublin)

"Who's going sleeping soul-oriented, makes the soul conscious, wakes her. What is especially important is the focus, the vibration of the astral self at bedtime. This is decisive for our entire overnight experience. And if we have brought us so in tune with the living salvation of the Gnosis, and our breathing has obtained that calm rhythm of the profound satisfaction and gratitude, then man falls asleep like a child, and entirely focused on the true Light. And then will the sleep be the sobriety of the soul: the soul being fully awake in its own world, the Gnostic astral field."

Jan van Rijckenborgh , The Egyptian Arch-Gnosis ,Part I

As the waking man preferentially resides in an environment and with people he feels connected, so the astral man asleep in his life goes to that area in the astral plane where it is magnetically drawn to. Wherever he ends up with his nocturnal wanderings in the reflection sphere is determined by its orientation in the day life: all of our emotions, thoughts, encounters, experiences, food do matter.

The Human Ego or “I” consciousness is threefold, it’s consciousness is in three centers: in pelvic sanctuary, heart sanctuary and head sanctuary. Each of thes