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Not Doing - The Way of the Tao

'The heart is the central sun around which your whole life turns.'

Friday March 20th 2015

Time: 20:00-21:30

We are transitory creatures of an ever-changing world. We begin to age and decay even before

we leave our mother's womb.

Nothing is perfect in our world.

Nothing can last in our world.

Change and death are the only two laws we can absolutely rely upon.

They surround us inexorably, like prison walls.

This fact is confirmed by Lao Tzu and by all the world's great religious teachers. We creatures of this nature, are beings of delusion. The best that we can achieve, is the growth of a certain

wisdom, often through bitter experience, through which we are filled with a measureless longing -

to be free, once and for all, of this delusion, to wake up from this interminable dream.

And then, only then, can the pathway of the heart be opened to us. Having exhausted all the possibilities we thought we had, we finally stop struggling. We surrender. A certain quietness, a certain stillness enters our hearts.

Quietness and stillness, that state in which all human desires are seen and felt as nothing, - that

is the beginning of not doing, the beginning of wu wei, the beginning of Tao. With quiet minds, and purified hearts, we stand still, heads bowed, before the Holy One within us, and we pray, 'Not my will, but Thy will be done.' And that is the Open Sesame.

And a doorway appears where before there was only a blank rock face. It is the door to Tao.

And it opens to us revealing the treasure.

You are most welcome to join us for this upcoming free in Bessborough Meditation Centre on Friday March 20th at 20:00.

Bessborough Meditation Centre

Coach Room



(Click here for directions)

Doors open 15 minutes before the start of an activity with coffee/tea. Free parking is available behind the main building.

Kind regards,

Lectorium Rosicrucianum

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