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Rosycross & Gnosis:

An Exploration of Ancient Wisdom in Modern Times

The International School of the Golden Rosycross now offers a series of classes to introduce you profoundly to the basic fundamentals of the gnostic universal doctrine. This original knowledge, gnosis, has accompanied humankind in its development since time immemorial but is very actual and valuable for every man and woman living in our current turbulent and polarised times.


Our classes can host up to 10 participants and are guided by very experienced tutors. Each monthly class lasts two hours in which various topics are treated:


  • karma, reincarnation

  • the 'great homesickness'

  • who am I, why am I seeking anyway?

  • why do I act so often in ways I regret? What steers me?

  • the upheaval that takes place in the world

  • the influence of the Aquarius era on our emotions and our behaviour

  • the Brotherhood of Living Souls, who are they?

  • what happens in the unseen parts of the world and how does this influence me?

  • what is gnosis?

  • what is a mystery school?

  • and much, much more!


The costs for each class are €5, and this includes coffee/tea and materials. The course dates are:


  • Friday January 15th, 8-10 pm

  • Wednesday February 24th, 8-10pm - Sorry, this class has been cancelled.

  • Wednesday March 23rd,  8-10pm

  • Wednesday April 27th,  8-10pm

  • Wednesday May 25th, 8-10pm


Sign up now by sending an email to, indicating ‘course in Galway’.


We look forward to welcoming you in:

   Áras na nGael,

   45 Dominick Street (2nd floor),



For more information feel free to download the course brochure or contact us by email or by phone 353.897009665 or 353.897007980.

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